Who is Nathan Rogers?

Nathan Rogers

Nathan Rogers is a Canadian folk musician. He’s known for dynamic singer-songwriter abilities, throat singing, and eclectic folk styles. Nathan Rogers released the album True Stories under his own label in 2004 before going on to work with Borealis Records and the band Dry Bones. Popular Canadian entertainment site casinovalley.ca calls Nathan Rogers one of the most outstanding folk musicians in Canada.

Rogers is a folk musician known for the albums True Stories, The Gauntlet, and Dry Bones. He is the son of Stan Rogers, a Canadian folk musician who died tragically from the events of Air Canada Flight 797. In 2011, he created the folk band Dry Bones with JD Edwards and Leonard Podolak. In the same year, they released their first album, also titled Dry Bones.



When Rogers was young, he began singing in choirs with his school. He attended a boarding school and began working with one of the best boys choirs in the world, the Appleby Boys Choir.

They would tour around the country, and Nathan himself won awards for solo vocals while working with the prestigious choir. After completing high school, Rogers moved to Winnipeg and got a degree in comparative religion. During the process, he continued to hone his musical abilities and prepared to release his first folk album.

Nathan Rogers released his first album, True Stories, in 2005 under his record label. The album features moving pieces like “Kill Your TV” and springy, popping tracks like “Tuesday Morning.” After the release of True Stories, Nathan took an increasing interest in throat singing.

A Nathan Rogers tour regularly has various kinds of throat singing, including Tuvan, Inuit, and Mongolian.

The Facebook page of Nathan Rogers mentions that he has been influenced by musicians like Joni Mitchel and Leonard Cohen. The sombre, authentic melodies of Joni’s Blue are replicated in tone (if not style) in Rogers’ work. Cohen is a fellow Canadian. Nathan’s father Stan, fellow musician, is also a clear influence. Nathan has played and recorded his father’s music as well as his own.

Music and Lyrics of Nathan Rogers

The lyrics of Rogers are notably clear and buoyant, for someone who does so much on the stage. Rogers often sings, plays guitar, throat sings, and stomps to the beat in order that surprise and delight his fans. A talented performer, Nathan Rogers writes lyrics that absolutely pop off the page. He writes for the twangs and creaks of guitar, matching the timbre and the words.

Creative Style

Rogers is known for soulful, passionate folk music and an incredible connection with his fans. Shows are reportedly exciting and spontaneous, with Rogers going to great lengths to banter and connect with the crowd.

The Nathan Rogers YouTube channel features several performances where he shows off his skills with the guitar. On the channel, you can get a glimpse of his down to earth performance style. Live performances include:

  • Tuesday Morning
  • Northwest Passage
  • Mary’s Child


True StoriesHimself2004Halfway Cove Music
The GauntletHimself2009Borealis Records
Dry Bones (Self-titled)Dry Bones2011Independent

In the Press about Nathan Rogers

The Folk Diary published a piece on Rogers’ The Gauntlet (Dec 1, 2009). In the piece, the “marvelous way with words” that Rogers has is praised. Many reviews, speaking about The Gauntlet, talk of Rogers’s throat singing. Robert Everett-Green wrote that Rogers is “a virtuoso Tuvan-style throat singer.” Menachem Vinegrad, for Radio Upper Galilee, said that the throat singing on “Naamche Bazaar” is some of the best that he ever heard by a western musician.

In the Press

Critics have praised Rogers’s booming, clear voice and confident styles. Crystal Clarke, writing for the Sheaf Online in 2004, talks of the charm and stage persona that Rogers can display. Many people came to the show to see if he would have the same folk charm as his father. Wearing a John Deere hat and playing into the Canadian farm boy persona, he bantered with the crowd and became a beloved east coast folk singer.

His Father’s Death

Nathan Rogers is the son of Canadian folk musician Stan Rogers. In 1983, Stan Rogers boarded Air Canada Flight 797 to head to Montreal. During the flight, a fire broke out near the bathroom. The fire knocked out critical electrical components and filled the cabin with smoke.

His Father’s Death

The pilot and crew were forced to find an alternative landing location. While the plane successfully landed in Cincinnati, the damage to the plane was critical. During the evacuation of passengers from the plane, the smoking plane went up in flames, killing 23 passengers who had yet to evacuate.

While Stan Rogers got off the plane, he would die of smoke inhalation. He was 33 years old. At the time of Stan Rogers’ death, Nathan was only 4 years old.