Music Gigs in Casino Montreal That Are Worth Checking Out

Music Gigs in Casino Montreal That Are Worth Checking Out

Are you a music fan that also happens to love casino games? If the answer to that question is yes, Casino Montreal has a rich music program for you. Let’s take a look at the gigs that are worth checking out in the upcoming months of 2019!

Off the Wall

Are you up for some dancing with Stevie Wonder? Would you like to hear Katy Perry’s songs with an additional soul tune to them? The amazing Off the Wall group can make that possible on May 19, 24, at 25 at 9 PM.

Off the Wall has a total of six members, including a male and female lead singer. They carefully select hits from various decades ranging from the 70s to today and give them a unique touch. The band is a perfect opportunity to make an evening out of visiting a casino with your partner and friends. Filled with positive energy after their incredible performance, you will be ready to win big in slots and other games!

Singing Pianos

Alexandre Racine and Gill Poitras form a two-man band called “Singing Pianos.” They both sing and play pianos, so coming up with the name for the band wasn’t that difficult. These guys are famous for their fantastic piano versions of both modern and classic songs. Whether you love hits from the 60, the 90s, or the currently popular songs, Poitras and Racine will deliver.

The Singing Pianos love to interact with the audience, and their performances are filled with laughter. You can feel free to take a break and enjoy some amazing music before you return to roulette or your other favorite game. Their performances are scheduled for May 19 at 1 PM, and May 26 at 3 PM.

Jean Paray

Can you believe that this incredible artist has been on the scene for 40 years? To celebrate his four decades in the music industry, Jean Paray has come up with an entirely new show. The guests who visit it on June 15 at 8:30 PM will be dazzled with his fantastic voice and song selection.

Paray emphasized that he has chosen songs from artists who influenced his career in a positive way, such as Frank Sinatra, Wayne Newton, and Johnny Mathis. The repertoire will be equally split between English and French language, and Christine Chartrand is set to appear as a special guest. Since this is a one-time occasion, make sure to get the tickets for the event on time.

Sinatra Streisand

If you ask fans of classics out there to name the best singers in history, the chances are they will mention Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand. September is the perfect month for cabaret performances that will honor these two artists.

Nancy Fortin, Yanick Lanthier, and Christine Chartrand will be ready to dazzle you on September 4, 5, 11, 18, 19, and 22 at 1:30 PM. Each of the performances will involve 75 minutes of classic tunes that will take you to a trip down the nostalgia lane while taking you to the dancefloor to dance with your partner.

Now that you have the list of amazing music gigs that will happen in Casino Montreal, the only remaining thing do to is to book the tickets. Enjoy your night out!